Breeding Program

The Breeding program at Wynyard is focused on breeding cattle for the high end Australian Beef Meat Industry.  To meet production targets they have developed a cutting-edge breeding program that utilises the best available Australian and overseas genetics.  Breedplan has also been a great assistance in identifying the top preforming cattle within the herd therefore giving more rapid herd improvement.  Genetically the cattle have much to offer as they combine low birth weights, rapid growth and superior carcase quality.

Heavier steers

Our cattle are highly fertile and have lower birth weight that helps ensure more live calves and a shorter gestation period that allows less stress on cows. Wynyard growth rate is well above average which provides you with much heavier steers that exhibit high muscle content and increased marbling.

Quality semen

Top quality semen from our best performing sires is collected and used within our herd.

  • Wynyard bulls are able to sire a huge volume of viable offspring in every season.
  • Wynyard cows offer a prolific conception rate, more live calves & lower birth rates
  • Wynyard heifers meet target weight and condition score to ensure joining at 14 months.
  • Wynyard weaners offer maximum growth rates.
  • Wynyard herd nutrition and reproductive health is well-planned and strategically managed.

Wynyard - breeders of Australia's finest Shorthorn.